BJM Edwardsville article


february 22, 2020

The Bobby Joe Mason Foundation hosted their annual college tour and basketball trip on February 22, 2020. Each year the Foundation host a trip for Centralia High School students and usually one for elementary and Jr. High Students to a home game at KC. The Foundation encourages and provides opportunities for the students to be able to make an intellegent and informed choice when choosing where to go to college by coordinating the trips for the students.

This year Twelve high school students and two chaperones also made the trip to SIU/E for the game between Edwardsville and Murray State College. The bus left the Centralia Youth Center at 11:30am and arrived Edwardsville about12:45pm. 

The students were given a tour of the campus by Board member Tom Holloway and chaperone Adrian O'Neal. The game started at 2 pm and the students were treated to pop corn, hot dogs and drink. They were also given a souvenirs while touring the campus. After the game the group was treated to pizza at Imos which they really enjoyed. The chaperones, Adrian O'Neal, Charles Gause, and Tom Holloway said this was a great bunch of students in that they were excited about the campus and they interacted very well with everyone on the trip even the adults. Bunny Garrett said she was impressed that when the students began arriving at the Center to depart, every parent personnally brought their child and asked questions about the trip and had all their permission slips and picture ID'. She said this was a great group and she would like to continue involving them and other students in other things. The students arrived back in Centralia about 6:45pm and the parents were there to pick them up. Garrett said it was so good to see parents being involved with their children's activities and caring for their well being. 

Garrett said she would like to thank the Centralia Grade School board, Superintendent Clark,and Debbie Redferin for helping her get the paperwork done for the trip. She said a special thanks to Gina Goodiel at the High School for helping recruit the students and providing drinks for the students. Special thanks to Butch Border and Herb Williams for always stepping in to help with whatever is needed the students. A big thanks to Tom Holloway for providing the tour opportunity by purchasing the tickets, providing the souvenirs and Pizza and meeting some of the players. The students were each given $7.00 for spending money on the trip as well.

Garrett said she is always apprciative of those individuals who ALWAYS step up when asked and even offer before being asked. Centralia has always been a place where young people are can grow and realize their dreams and hopes because there are people who really care about the future of our young people.